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My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.



General speaking, people usually get extremely stressed out when trying to pack their luggage to go on a vacation. Making holiday preparations or drawing out itineraries leaves some people dreading travelling in the first place. However, key points often overlooked are essential advantages of travelling. And this is the main reason I have seriously compiled eight great ways travelling boost mental health. This post was influenced by what I witnessed after visiting Bridport beaches.



 Bridport is a beautiful historic market town in county of Dorset, England (UK). It lays about 1½miles from the famous West Bay coast, a charming fishing village on the Jurassic Coastline. This also turns out to be a perfect place for the body to natural produce chemicals called endorphins.


  • Activities to improve mental health

    – Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. Activities such as walking regularly, swimming, hiking, jogging at a moderate pace, all promote strong natural boost of endorphins.


  • Exercise is therapy for mental health

    – The other thing that I noticed was the vast availability of attractive areas around Bridport beaches. There was the actual golden sandy beach area that was also surrounded by high cliff tops with stretching farmlands. Although people toured the area for its beauty, on the other hand everyone there was physically exercising. And exercising is one of the top advised therapies for mental health. People were playing golf, walking and not using carts. All this is a form of increasing endorphins that are extremely essential for the body. Some medical professionals prescribe regular exercise as a treatment for mild to moderate depression before actual drugs. That is why some even encourage exercise in conjunction with other treatments such as medication or therapy.



Freshwater beach is good for the whole family. Freshwater Beach Holiday Park is a family holiday park also situated on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. The impressive scenery makes it a safe gateway even for people with children of all ages.

  • Benefits of laughter

    – usually when people are travelling, laughing moments are inevitable. Children laugh up to 300 times and day and adults only 20 times a day. Fake it as it helps. Various researches come up with numerous health benefits of laughter. This point supports my point above as laughter is also associated with increase in endorphins in the brain. This can also be a long-term mood booster. Proving travel activities lowers stress levels. Going on a vacation boosts happiness.


  • Places to go with family

    – I hate going to places where there is no parking to say the least. Freshwater Beach Holiday Park has its own private parking along the private beachside. UNESCO designated this area a World Heritage Site giving it that extra token of prestige. When a place comes with such accomplishments, it becomes popular as a tourist resort. And visiting such places contributes towards boosting individuals’ mental health as they it’s a perfect place to go with family for a vacation.

  • Best places to travel with toddlers

    – The West Beach is a smaller quieter beach popular with young families. The protective cove formed between the harbour’s Jurassic Pier and the Esplanade’s Rocks makes it safe and shallow for paddling for little ones. Such engaging and safe beach areas contribute towards parents’ extra mental health boost. Always a favourite spot to choose and rest assured to have a laugh now and then.


3. Change of Scene is like food to the brain

Imagine beginning the day waking up to a stunning sunrise over a glistening sea, exploring the countryside with its rolling hills and picturesque villages and relaxing on a secluded beach or pretty harbour side.


  • Stunning scenery stimulates brain cells

    – East Beach is a sloping, shingle beach backed by magnificent sandstones cliffs. The scenery is truly spectacular here. The golden cliffs rises 50 metres vertically above the beach and the views towards Chesil Beach and Portland will take your breath away.


  • Landscapes considered one of the best tourist attractions

    – The vibrant appeal draws thousands of people to Bridpot beaches touring from near or faraway lands. It could be for a day trip, for a weekend adventure or for that extended getaway. Usually the common reason is to relaxingly explore Bridport’s golden sandy or pebble beaches. This is no wonder why multiple studies link positive effects of travelling with improved mental health.



  • Mental health wellness
  • WiFi full form – advanced technology provides easy network connections. This means individuals can connect and communicate from anywhere that is improving work performance. WiFi connection made easy
  • Why travelling is important
  • Creates networking opportunities
  • Expands the brain


A vibrant market town with a rich rope-making heritage.


WEST BAY – a small fishing harbour previously known as Bridport Harbour. It’s found on the coast within the town’s boundaries. West Bay enjoyed a surge in popularity in past years while playing host to ITV’s smash hit Drama Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman. It is not hard to see why the place was chosen. West bay offers some stunning landscapes to explore with breath-taking views from its dramatic coastline. West Bay is featured in The Good Beach Guide. It is made up of two beaches namely the East Beach and the West Beach


When individuals travel, most of the times, they always come back more energised and better focused. Work-breaks are encouraged in every work place as this is deemed both physically and mentally healthy. However, complete detachment from work improves productivity in people when they come back from a holiday. Employees feel rejuvenated and mentally alert from just experiencing a change of scene.

Some workplaces accommodate remote working, allowing workers to work from wherever they are as long as work is completed in time. This only does it now allow individuals to travel but also boosts workers’ mental health. Some people have even stated that working away the office-walls in fact stimulates their brains and keeps them motivated them to succeed.



Bridport has tremendous reputation for arts, culture and food. Travelling is a powerful tool in disguise. Tourist are equipped with new experiences that otherwise would have not been achieved in not explored.

  • Travelling around the world

    – Travel opens up your mind to new ideas, values and cultures. Any sense of achievement results in is very motivating to look forward to repeat the similar activities that affirm a good-sense of feeling resulting in some form of independence.

  • Student educational tours

    – some people actually embark on tours just for educational reasons. Some people become more wiser the more they travel around the world.

6. Travelling Increases Out-door Experiences

There’s plenty to do at West Bay, take a stroll around the harbour for an ice cream or fish and chips, climb the coast path up to the top of the cliffs and that is why travelling is good for mental state.

  • Mental health retreat
  • List of tourist attractions
  • Travel and leisure

Travelling increases outdoor experiences that evidently helps in boosting mental health. Exposure to daylight increases vitamin D amongst many good things, is also good for the mind

Less screen time more hang out time outside


  1. Peace Of Mind

Today’s society tries by all means to make life easier for people. This is why there are various travelling agencies and sites which offer tourists special offers or travel deals some packages come all inclusive with air flights, food, accommodation just to name a few. This gives travel enthusiast peace of mind.

  • Sole wellness – Typical example of gesture that promotes wellness for travellers is the UK government. Depending on which sector you work, some employees are offered things such as paid leave, to vacation expenses allowances INSERT GOV WEBSITE. Having such allowances encourages people to travel more and promote mental wellness.
  • Travel Agencies – there are numerous travel agencies available either online or from high streets. They ease the burden of hunting for holiday deals and boost mental health for individuals who will have otherwise struggled to knowhow.
  • Trip Advisor – This is one tool that is overlooked but in actual fact is extremely useful. I use it all the time when trying to rate reviews and status of places that I intend to visit. Equipped with pre-knowledge in advance gives assurance of what to expect to an extent.

3. Travelling lowers seasonal affective disorders


A final tip in conclusion, if you stalk seasons well, you could easily escape the winter seasons effortlessly. Some people suffer Seasonal Affect Disorders (SAD) as highlighted by our NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES (NHS). Travelling has been observed as one great way to counter such possible adverse effects.


  • What other people are doing

    – I admire people like Allan Hinton http://www.allanedwardhinton.com/about-allan-edward-hinton. He quit his 9-5 to look forward to travelling and since then, he has never gone back. That is having an open mind driven by the mental stability of knowing that he can forsake the usual for the great unknown in travelling.


  • Mental health and travelling

    – Untreated mental health problems account for 13% of the total global burden of illnesses. It is projected that by 2030, mental health problems especially depression, will be the leading cause of mortality globally. Travelling near or far can help eradicate some of these projections and promote mental health in various ways.


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more about south coast beaches, feel free to check out DORSET BEACHES and BEST BEACHES IN CHRISTCHURCH. Your valued comments below are always welcome.

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