How To Make A Healthy Fruity Frozen Yoghurt

Esther Tendai Burt

My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.

How To Make A Healthy Fruity Frozen Yoghurt

How to make a healthy fruity frozen yoghurt is simply easy peasy. Life’s too precious to waste on some of the things we shouldn’t be dwelling much on. As we’re near the summertime, I thought to share my favourite and easy recipe on how to make a delicious Fruity Frozen Yoghurt for pudding. And as a matter of fact, it only takes 10 minutes of preparation time. This saves the rest of your precious time on important things such as enjoying the sunshine, while at the same time treating yourself to a healthy yummy dessert.


Few Ingredients Required

To help make you see how easy it is, I have put all the ingredients you are going to need in one place. Again, very few and

straight to the point ingredients that will not confuse you.


I used 500g berries. In this instance, I chose to use strawberries, raspberries, and some blueberries (sticking to my rule of

three). Make sure the berries are frozen in advance.


Oh yes, and some blueberries…


Berries have loads of nutritional value. They help improve eye care, maintain proper brain functioning and can also treat

arthritis and gout increasing mobility in the joints. Berries are rich in potassium and magnesium content, both of which are

effective in lowering high blood pressure various cardiovascular diseases.


Berries are also good for improving the immune system defending the body against infections, prevents various types of cancer and reduces signs of premature ageing. They are

potentially therapeutic for the skin as they reduce wrinkles and skin damage from free radicals. They also have nutrients that

help stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite. For ladies this might be good to know, berries are a good source of folic acid

and help in preventing birth defects.


I’ve seen some people use castor sugar or sugar in their puddings. I chose to use a tablespoon of honey instead, as a sweetener.

I have very sensitive skin, therefore, I try to include ingredients in my diet that help nourishes my skin and face. I aim to use

ingredients that prevents and helps control Eczema for those with eczema prone skin. Honey has one of these advantages. I

never diet but I try to eat healthily and things like honey also assist in weight management, eases sinus issues and helps with

gum diseases amongst other benefits.


I used 200ml natural yoghurt.

Natural yoghurt is rich in important nutrients that our bodies need. It’s high in proteins, which also supports the metabolism

system. Natural yoghurt also contains some key nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, that help maintain bone




I finely grated the lemon rind and used half of it for juice. Lemons have always been known for having numerous benefits. In

this recipe, as much as lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is linked to immunity strengthening, I used the zest

and lemon juice to add flavour to my pudding. I placed all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.



Making sure that all ingredients were smoothly mixed together.


I then put the blended yoghurt in a freezer-proof container and left to freeze for 40 minutes or until firm.



After 40 minutes my delicious flaky pudding was ready. If there are any leftovers, store in the freezer and defrost for 20

minutes to soften the frozen yoghurt before serving.



Usually, people associate puddings with sweet foods that add calories but this Fruity Frozen Yogurt is very healthy. Ingredients

used to promote weight management. Nutrients such as calcium also work to increase levels of appetite-reducing hormones like

peptides. So, one can still enjoy puddings as many times as they want without fearing to add that extra pound of weight.

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