A Great Night To Remember at Lady Industry Launch Event

Esther Tendai Burt

My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.

A Great Night To Remember at Lady Industry Launch Event

An invitation to Lady Industry’s Bournemouth Launch Event was daunt but curiosity surpassed my nerves. The fact that I got

the invitation via Love Life was the biggest motivation. When I am curious, everything is blanked out, and fortunately it turned

out to be the best way to spend a Friday night out. I felt honoured to meet other like-minded women from different inspiring

walks of life. Everyone had a story to tell although sadly I didn’t get the chance to mingle with everyone.

It was great meeting Olivia Spencer-Perkins, the Company Director at Lady Industry.

Olivia is a young but very talented lady who has already achieved so much in life. Film production might be Olivia’s speciality but speaking during the launch, what rained through out her speech was motivational awareness. She shared her passion to see people successfully grow, especially women. She was an eye opener with though provoking ideas.

All speakers at the event were awesome in different way. Each and every person had an inspiring story to share. Meeting Kiera Nicole Coleb was my highlight of the evening.

Why Nicole…? Nicole is only 19 years old and has already set her stardom on Milkshake, becoming the youngest ever TV

presenter for Channel 5. It’s just amazing to see young people becoming trendsetters for tomorrow’s generation. It just proved

that in this society we are living today, with media taking over in everything, there is no such thing as too young to do

something or too old to be able to achieve anything. The room had living testimonies from both the old and the young, as we

were given time to chat around and brainstorm on our life goals.

They always say “…save the best for last…”. This was exactly what happened. Sue Stone graced the evening with a powerful

speech in conclusion.

Sue is a very knowledgeable lady who proved to have abundance wisdom to share. Sue is now a TV Secret Millionaire after she

was once left with over a quarter of a million pounds worth of debt when her marriage broke down. Today Sue is recognised as

the UK’s happiest and most positive person and that was evidenced by each and every word that came out of her mouth.


It had been a while since I last attended a room full of women buzzing with energy to connect, share, and constructively build

each other in different ways. I think what I expected to be simply a launch event turned out to be an educational platform for

many. For me it was just a perfect night out to remember. I exchanged contacts with some people I wouldn’t have otherwise

met had I not attended this event.


Last but not least, the night would have not been the same if my sister had not agreed to come with me.



All the photos I have managed to share above, I wouldn’t have managed to share them had it not been for my loving sister, who

played the ‘Photographer’ of the day. She never gets tired when it comes to helping me out. She came all the way from

Southampton just to support and keep me company. I am blessed to have someone like her in my life. I love her to bits and

thank her very much for all the photos captured. To Lady Industry; wishing you all the best and Olivia, just keep doing what you

are doing. Only the sky will be the limit xx

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