Nothe Fort – Must See Attraction in Weymouth

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Nothe Fort – Must See Attraction in Weymouth

Nothe Fort – Must-See Attraction in Weymouth


The Nothe Fort

 The Nothe Fort

Nothe Fort must see attraction in Weymouth is located at the entrance of Weymouth Harbour. The Fort has amazing underground passageways, a walkthrough back to the Victorian era. Nothe Fort is a letter ‘D-shaped’ museum. The Fort remains one of the best-preserved forts of its kind in England.



Victorian Gun Deck - Nothe Fort

Victorian Gun Deck – Nothe Fort

Nothe Fort was built as a coastal defence between 1860 and 1872. It was a means to protect Weymouth and Portland Harbours. Casements and deep magazines used were bombproofs. By the way, a casemate is a fortified gun emplacement or armoured structure which guns are fired from. On the other hand, a magazine is an item or place within which ammunition or other explosive materials is stored.


With defence intentions in mind, the Fort was used mainly in World War II. The Fort was later abandoned in 1956 as it was no longer required as a coastal defence. The Royal Navy used it for storage and degaussing equipment until 1961 although the Fort was abandoned here and there. Fast forward to 1980, Weymouth Civic Society took over and started work turning Nothe Fort into a must see attraction in Weymouth. In other words, the Fort has become a beautiful Victorian museum open to the public attracting both locals and hundreds of tourists from all over the world.


Family Day Out

Event for all family - Nothe Fort

Event for all family – Nothe Fort

Rather than cracking heads deciding how one can have an enjoyable day at ease, Northe Fort is the answer to all. Touring the Fort can be a perfect location to spend that awesome day out for the whole family with loads to see.


Nothe Fort features both World War II memorabilia as well as original cannons and mammoth guns. Displayed war vehicles draw visitors’ attention urging cravings to see more and more displays. Another key point to note is the availability of not just visual facilities exhibited everywhere, but also the complementing audio facilities. It is no wonder in 2007 a survey carried out by the National Lottery revealed Nothe Fort voted as one of the spookiest locations in the UK.


Nothe Fort Artillery

Fort Artillery firing the cannons - Nothe Fort

Fort Artillery – Nothe Fort

The Fort Artillery is held every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, throughout the year. Cannons are fired when the Nothe Fort Artillery are on parade. As a result of this bi-monthly event, I declare Nothe Fort an “all-seasons” place to visit. At the same time, Fort Artillery can also perform at special events in addition to scheduled bi-monthly events. For up-to-date information, directly get in touch with the Fort Team.


Fort Artillery parade normally takes place around 12-midday. However, always check first for confirmation when planning to visit for this performance. General speaking, the Fort Artillery is like ‘icing on a cake’ equivalent of Nothe Fort.


Educational Experience

As much as Nothe Fort is a historical museum, it is also important to realise that the Fort, on the other hand, is an educational cornerstone for all age groups. During my tour, I also loved the fact that the Fort preserves the valuable English Heritage. I am a foreigner and an individual who was born way after the World War II era. I saluted Nothe Fort as the only place that has so far successfully empowered me to walk right into the World War II era.


Touring around, room by room enabled me to see what took place, who was involved, what mode of transport was used, what type of ammunition was used, which countries were involved exactly, and above all honour those whose blood was shed for today’s peace, stability and freedom. All this is learnt in a day’s tour of which some people would normally read about over a period of a year if not more. What an exceptional and informative museum definitely worth visiting.


The Victorian-themed museum is extremely saturated with everything ‘Victorian’, giving visitors a chance to learn more about the era. Visitors come face to face with a Victorian rifle, Victorian schoolroom, Victorian Kitchen, e.t.c as they explore around.


Gift shop

Every journey I embark on, it leaves memories in my heart. It could be memories in ingrained in my head or physical memories to take away. I usually buy Guide Books. I find Guide Books an easy read full of information about a place. Entrance to the gift shop is free therefore, no need for excuses for dodging it.


The Fort’s gift shop is the right place to grab takeaway memorabilia for family, friends as well as a personal treat. The Gift Shop provides a captivating range of products all designed to suit all visitors from souvenirs to books and toys. The book selection is carefully selected to provide local topics and military themes for all ages.


Fort View Café

To begin with, it is essential to highlight that the Fort View Café is open to non-museum visitors. Ever been to a place that has beautiful scenery with nowhere to buy refreshments or just a cuppa? Well, rest assured Nothe Fort is different. With the Fort View Café, visitors are guaranteed a welcoming area to rest and recharge.


The museum café is now opened daily. Fort View Café offers a fine selection of food made either hot or cold with the likes of cooked breakfast to cream teas and freshly baked cakes. It is even great to know that wherever possible, the café uses fresh and locally sourced produce.


If you are like me, most of the time when I have had something to eat, I just like to sit and chill and allow digested food to go down nice and slow. The Fort has decorated gardens with suitable provisions for adults and children too. This can also be used as a chilling place.


Volunteering – Ways to help keep the Fort running

Only about five paid staff members currently run Nothe Fort. At the same time, a team of around 70 is dedicated volunteers. Also alongside is the ‘Friends of Nothe Fort’ group that was established to promote interests in the Fort. The passionate group also encourages the continuous Nothe Fort growth as a museum and a must see attraction in Weymouth.


With this in mind, I will stress on their behalf, the strong need for individuals to assist with the successful and continuous growth of the Fort. Above all, I would also like to address the fact that interested people can volunteer for various interests for example in the shop or at reception, model making, graphics designs, carpentry, research and painting. For detailed information contact Nothe Fort directly or use this Application Form.


Kids Zone Area

Dressing up opportunities - Nothe Fort

Dressing up – Nothe Fort

As much as Nothe Fort is more of a historic and military-themed museum, kids are nonetheless guaranteed exciting adventure too. There are books to read and quiz opportunities to hunt for. With vast grounds both indoor and outdoor, kids are rest assured a chance to explore unlimited. Kids are free to run around and even get dressed up just to equip them with ideas of how it used to be like back then.


Fort Hiring

In addition to being a historic museum, Nothe Fort is also famously known as a favoured venue for various events. Being able to capture Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour’s stunning views, Nothe Fort has hosted many wedding ceremonies and receptions presenting a picture-perfect day to remember. Plenty of rooms available have also been used to cater for corporate meetings too.


The Fort is used for lots of private functions such as Birthday Parties, Dinner Parties, Christenings, and anniversaries of all sorts. Not to mention, Nothe Fort is licensed to sell alcohol. Furthermore, the Fort holds a full entertainments license. With such grandeur flexible provisions, Nothe Fort straightaway significantly stands out as the best place to settle for, in any event.


Forthcoming Events

Nothe Fort, a must see attraction in Weymouth is also a venue for a wide range of public events. I recently visited the Fort for the Museum of the Moon event just over a week ago. You do not necessarily have to be a military enthusiast to enjoy the visit. I love the architect side of buildings. And as a matter of fact, I personally, I loved mainly the genius way the Fort was built. I could not believe bombproof casemates were used.


Nothe Fort courtyard often holds community events such as military festivals, concerts, drama and cultural Olympiad. The must see attraction in Weymouth turns back the clock and recreates the Victorian era in different ways. Feel free to check out Nothe Fort’s Forthcoming Events.


Opening Time

The Fort opening times vary according to the time of the year. For instance in 2019, during summertime, (1st April to 3rd November), Nothe Fort is opened daily from 10:30am to 5:30pm. Whereas during autumn and winter times, (9th November to 8th December), the Fort is opened on Sundays only from 10:30am to 4:30pm.


The spring season opening time is from 10:30am to 4:30pm.  However further divided into two as follows: Half-term opened daily as from 16th February to 24th February. Spring season is also opened on Sundays only from 3rd March to 31st March. Even if some of this year’s dates have passed, keep up-to-date with current opening times at Nothe Fort Opening Times.


Admission Fees

Adults pay only £8 per entry. I find this fee an insane giveaway considering what the Fort has to show. Children under 5 explore the Fort for free. Again for the rest and current fees, check out Nothe Fort Fees. You will be able to see more different types of tickets available from family tickets to school visits and groups tickets. An amazing thing to note is the fact that dogs are welcome providing the dogs are kept on a lead and supervised at all times.



For those of you who still believe in letter writing, Nothe Fort full address is as follows: Nothe Fort, Barrack Road, Weymouth, Dorset, England, UK, DT4 8UF. Use the Contact Page for other various means to contact Nothe Fort.


In conclusion, I strongly recommend Nothe Fort visit if you have never been there before. I declare the Fort a place one would never regret touring. Even for people who have been there before, I am sure a different event will guarantee new and refreshing surprises. I will definitely go back for a different event altogether. As usual, feel free to leave your comments below and always keep in touch.

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