10 Things I Love About Bournemouth Pier

Esther Tendai Burt

My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.

10 Things I Love About Bournemouth Pier

Chilling by the pier

There are many attractions found just by the Bournemouth Pier. However, I am going to try and minimize the list to my 10 things that I love about the Bournemouth Pier. You will also discover that some of the activities can be enjoyed all year round, while some are seasonal.


I’m going to divert a bit and just say if I was an animal, I was going to be a turtle. Not only do I love turtles so much but also fact that turtles hibernate for at least 6-8 months at a time. They love to swim but also spend time on land too. Writing about the Bournemouth Pier has even encouraged me to finally end my hibernation and share my fascinations whenever I pay a visit to the pier.

1. Zip Wire

Bournemouth Zip Wire

The Bournemouth Pier is the first pier to shore Zip Wire.

People enjoying the zip wire

The Zip Tower is 60 feet above the sea, proper thrill for height lovers. This ride can also be enjoyed solo or with either family or friends too. This is the perfect way to enjoy the zip-surf over the waves of the sea. The rides can be enjoyed both in summer and winter although restrictions may vary depending on weather conditions.


2. Wine & Dine

They are three different places to choose from when wanting something to eat while at the Pier. Yes, three different places on one pier.

i) The Kiosk

Bournemouth Pier Kiosk

Facing the Boscombe side of the pier is the new kiosk that was recently opened on Bournemouth Pier. The Kiosk serves all sorts of snacks, fresh doughnuts, chips and so much more with either hot or cold drinks to wash down.

ii) The Rock Reef Café

Rock Reef Cafe


After clipping & climbing or swinging & sliding (if not both), there is no better place to top up the energy than visiting the indoor Rock Reef café. Be guaranteed to have something great to get you back on the high lines, making sure you enjoy the outdoors indoors.


iii) Key West Grill & Bar

Key West Grill & Bar


If you are after a luxurious restaurant right on the pier, the Key West Bar & Grill is the place for you. This is located at the end of the Pier. Key West is opened 7 days a week ready to serve something special for you.


3. First-Date Meeting

I have heard some people struggle when it comes to deciding a place to use when meeting up on a date for the first time. I would say, “…you shall worry no more…” The Pier is the perfect place to use for a first date meeting. It can be cosy, private but also safe and secure in the sense that it is in a public place. There are various places that can be used to sit, chill, and chat. I would even rate it as a romantic place if need to…


4. A place to take photos

I love photos. The Bournemouth Pier is one of the most recommended locations to use when taking photos. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, there is always a great spot for us to produce awesome pictures. Surrounding buildings on the background can add so much character to images. I have used the pier on many occasions and the images have always come out nice despite the time of the day. The Bournemouth Pier is in the middle of golden sand. This gives an amazing background for photos.

They are also stunning views across the bay, Isle of Wight on one side and the Purbeck hills on the other. The eye-watering work of art is dotted everywhere on the Pier. Thanks to Iain Alexander, the co-creator of the Selfie Wall project, who produced my favourite murals of shimmering hearts created from hundreds of butterflies on the wings, that’s making the pier worthy to be a part of the award-winning seafront.

Heart-shaped murals by the pier


5. Children’s Place to play games

As for people with children, the Bournemouth Pier has a safe area for children to play from. If having very energetic children, the Rock Reef and the Amusement centre are the best places to take children for the day. Adults I am sure will have just as much fun too.


6. Rock Climbing

Do you like rock climbing? In a nutshell, there is ‘Clip & Climb’ from the Rock Reef

Rock Reef


This is an amazing game and a very good form of exercise. Want to know more about it, why not pay a visit to the Rock Reef by the Bournemouth Pier. It is a fun activity for the whole family indeed.


7. Amusements

A pier would never be an attractive pier without some form of amusements. Entrance to the Pier is the Pier Amusement Family Entertainment Centre with a wide variety of entertainment machines with the most up-to-date videos and prizes.


8. People-watching

If you love people watching, the Bournemouth Pier is the best location to do just that. With various different places to sit or just stand, one can really enjoy studying people as they pass by. Some people state that it is a very therapeutic thing to do while some people say that it is a great way to study what is actually going on out there by simply observing the treads of different people passing by. I wonder what your thought might be on this one…?

Instead of people watching, I would go for chilling and reading a book.

Reading favourite book


I have done that several times and I find it very relaxing for me. It is just as nice as sitting in my own garden at home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


9. Fishing Location

Bournemouth Pier – Fishing

Every time I visit the Bournemouth Pier, sort-of-like early evening-ish time, there will always people fishing. Many people take fishing as a hobby. Some people fish either as a club or just as individuals. I love fresh fish and I’m actually considering joining the local fishing club…


10. The Ferries Wheel

London hosts Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. The popular London Eye was first opened on 31 December 1999. It had its first passenger on 1st February 2000 and it was opened to the general public on 9th March 2000. I was lucky at the time to have used the London Eye, as I used to live in London at the time.

Bournemouth Pier background views – Big Wheel


And guess what, people can enjoy the views of the Bournemouth Wheel right from the pier. Ferris wheels have become very popular ever since. They are now scattered everywhere in the country. I have also used one in Merseyside (Liverpool), not to mention one in Manchester and Torquay.


They’re really loads of things that can be done or enjoyed from Bournemouth Pier. The variety can surely meet different people’s different expectation. If you have never been to Bournemouth Pier, make it your next place to visit and you will not regret it. As usual, don’t forget to leave your valued comments below and continue to love life. Love you all xx

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