My 10 Reasons Why I Love To Go Camping

Esther Tendai Burt

My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.

My 10 Reasons Why I Love To Go Camping

10 Reasons Why I love To Go Camping

The Winston House

Coming back from camping prompted me to write this post. We were blessed with good weather despite minor showers on one of the days but overall having a tolerable warm weekend. I’m a regular camper but every time I go camping I always learn one or two new things, so I thought to share my ten reasons why I love camping or ‘glamping’ as it was in this case. There were also loads of memories to remember for years to come.


Esther, Flower Woman & Debbie (sis) at Winston House


My camping vacation took place at Winston House for the big Church Day Out music festival. The whole weekend was jam-packed with performances from various artists who came from all over the world. Summer is an exciting season with loads of outdoor activities taking place nationwide. Festivals are a big thing too with the most popular ones such as the Isle of Festival (21st -24th June 2018), Glastonbury Festival, unfortunately cancelled this year as a ‘fallow year’ to prevent the site becoming exceedingly damaged as it is a dairy farm and the New Wine from 28th June to 11 August 2018. This is just an example of a few places where one can taste a bit of camping if fascinated by one or all of the reasons below:


I always find camping to be a money saver. Individuals are able to control whether to go extreme and buy all meals while out camping, or bring stuff from home and depend less on the ever-tempting food stall. There is nothing wrong trying a new dish of cause with ice cream is a must. It will be rude to turn down ice cream when out camping. Whether one is tenting/glamping or using a caravan/campervan etc, it always works out cheaper than using a hotel over a space of a week or four days, as it was the case with me. Anything that makes me save a few extra pennies is ‘thumbs up’ from me. The next reason is a bonus too…



Even if I was glamping, I still felt a bit out of my comfort zone. I was using a tent although I didn’t have to pitch it. Everything was already set up and ready to accommodate us. Even if there was a bed, it was different from my very comfortable bed at home. Even if I was using a thick and warm tent, during the night, I could still hear loud people’s voices nearby chit chatting till the break of dawn. I could still hear footsteps as some people passed by to and fro their own tents. Everything was very unusual but nice, as it didn’t mean any harm to anyone. Exposed to all these different experiences was fun. It made me remember the unforgettable days when I used to be a Girl Guide. Very exciting and always prepared for whatever happens.



As much as I love using my dining table, whenever I go camping, my lap is usually my table. I would need to be extra careful about how I eat or else my dinner will end up on the grassy ground (with no chance for the five-second rule). It’s also tricky to have so much variety of meals as it’s got to be precise, nourishing and filling meals. It’s not comfortable to have lengthy meals from the lap. However, for those that couldn’t be bothered to cook, there were endless amounts of food stalls that offered loads of dishes from Indian, Thai, and Caribbean to anything anyone could think of. In actual fact, this was a stress-free option.



It’s easy to approach strangers when camping and just ask for help. People seemed to be happier and readily available to help or lend anything required. People are also filled with an extra spirit of sharing. From where I was camping, they provided us with a kitchen, packed with essentials to share, for example, fridge, stove, cooking pans etc. That was awesome and everything was carried out in a civil manner.


Kitchen Tent at Glamping Area


There was also a ‘Beauty Parlour Tent’ with hairdryers, tongs, straighteners, you name it, and it was there. This proved one can still look glam even when out camping.

Beauty Parlour Tent


Inside Beauty Parlour Tent


Every time I go camping be it for a couple of days or be it for a week, I always carry some games of some sort in any kind or form. This is mainly because there won’t be any TV to watch hence games become a substitute.

Examples of games to play


Games bring people together. People interact together building a cosy family atmosphere. There won’t be options to hide in bedrooms or lounge, but instead just hang around together. There’s usually no need worrying about charging phones, tablets, laptops etc. Most games are just card games and don’t need charging. For a change, people get to disconnect from their usual adored gadgets.



It’s nice to wake up without for example having to worry about cleaning the house (it just shows how lazy I am). How about not worrying about travelling to work, be stuck in traffic or later on having to pay for parking tickets without coins in your purse/wallet. When camping, all this drama is unknown. This automatically promotes individuals’ positive mental state and wellness, which is good for the mind, body and soul. Walking up and down, all day long tends to be good for people’s joints, turning out to be a very excellent workout for both adults and children.



Accommodation choices are plenty. People have the privilege to choose from the usual tents to glamping tents.





Glamorous Glamping

There’s also a choice between using a caravan/campervan to sleeping in a hotel/lodge/B&B. With such wide variety of choices, surely there is no way anyone could fear giving camping a go if they have never done it before.


Individuals are not allocated personal facilities we are used to in our own homes such as sinks or basins, or bathing tubs, I find camping a very clever way to save water. What is worse is doing dishes with a queue behind eagerly waiting to wash their dishes too. Obviously, it means harsh, harsh, don’t waste time and water…



I’m not a morning- person. Anyone who knows me knows that very well. Come camping, everything is quick, quick, the job is done. There’s no lazing around in the morning, as it’s not nice and comfortable to be stuck in the tent. The only best way out would be to wake up early, get ready, eat, and go to explore. That means everything is easily and quickly done. On a hot day, hanging around in a tent is even worse as it’s like hanging around in a sauna and that can be very dehydrating. The only way out will be to go out somewhere and get some healthy fresh air.


It is medically proven that fresh air is essential to all living things especially human beings. Surrounded by 6,000 acres of parkland at Winston House, fresh air was guaranteed everywhere on the campsite. The more lungs are filled with fresh air, the more energized people are and the more people are strengthened to tour the massive grounds available.



Above all, I love camping because when I come back home, I get to appreciate each and everything I own. Things that are taken for granted day in day out, for example, the dining table, or the bed or simple the toilet I don’t have to queue up for, become valued. I always come back home with a different perspective on life and that is why I adore camping.


Camping will always be an idyllic treat for me. I tend to go out camping at least four times a year. I hope you have learnt something from my article, and that my post has given you extra holiday options next time you are wondering what to do. And if you thought camping came with limited options you would love to have, I’m sure you have seen that when camping, one can camp in different styles. If you are a complete newbie to camping I suggest you either go with another newbie so that you don’t completely get bemused alone. If not, at least join people who have been there before and be shadowed. If you have been camping before and would like to share some photos or experiences, please do post your photos on my social media platforms or leave comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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