10 Great New Year Resolution Ideas – Fruits-Of-The-Spirit

Esther Tendai Burt

My name is Esther. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I came to the UK, London to be specific in the year 2000. In 2005, I graduated as a psychiatric nurse at South Bank University. I moved down to Southampton in 2006. I did Journalism in 2011 and founded my own publication called DIY Girl magazine. Fast forward, I am now a full-time travel blogger.

10 Great New Year Resolution Ideas – Fruits-Of-The-Spirit

Great New Year resolutions ideas should be nice, simple and achievable.  If they were ‘Food’, I would say they should be palatable, tasteful and fulfilling. Have you ever been served a plate of food and started salivating and swallowing before even starting to dig in? This is how New Year resolution should feel like; yummilicious. Anything that ends up choking, and taking longer to digest, is a “NO…!!!”, “NO…!!!”, “NO…!!!”


January is a depressing month for most people. High levels of depression cases are experienced in January. This follows a stressful December month where most people are high on shopping sprees, new credit cards, spending, etc. The idea is to identify best resolutions that will help get life back to its norm after all the festive period drama.


I waited at least 12 days before sharing my resolutions. I wanted to have a feel of 2019 then have ideas on how I would like it to flow. For starters, just like a business plan that needs goals, I likened my resolutions to goals. This simple means SMART goals or SMART resolutions = SUCCESSFUL results.




What is awesome is that my 2019 resolutions cost me £0.00 pounds. This is another essential key point to consider. How much you are prepared to spend on your New Year resolutions and if it is worth it? However, in return, I am predicting it is going to cost me loads of effort instead as they are guided by “The Fruits of the Spirit”.


Just slow down a little bit. The Fruits of the Spirit I am talking about are no way related to horror or thriller movies. They are based on things like; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control. Yes, those essential things that we go through or experience in our day to day living without even paying much attention to.


I was specific with what I want to focus on. My resolutions are well defined. 75% of people fail to live by their resolution within a month. I chose cost-free resolutions this year to make sure that I am part of the 25% of people who follow their resolutions to the end.



At the top of the list for me is Love. People usually take Love for granted. It is not just words or deeds. It is purely unselfish adoration for others without expecting something or payment in return.

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit


I know some of you are already thinking; “…Did she not have love inside her all along…?” I did but why I chose to highlight it is because a lot of things happen in life. At times you get to a point where unconditional love is the only way forward no matter what. This is the love I am talking about. Showing people love even if they do not deserve it. Love for each and every living being that deserves the love of some kind. It makes one a better person. When you really think about it, this is attainable/achievable.


I am naturally a loving person, obviously qualified by my ownership of a “Love Life” blog. Ha, ha, ha, ha. However, lately, I started seeing myself kind-of-like getting tired of loving certain people and things. Bit by bit it was becoming more like poison for me. I could sense that it was not right. There is nothing greater than unconditional love. Therefore I have put it down because it is worth it.


2) JOY

Joy is some form of heartfelt gladness. It is a choice rather than a mood or temperament trait. Joy is not circumstance based. Nor ‘Plastic Smiles’ that some people are great at presenting. Joyfulness in the midst of some form of emptiness is a sign of ‘HOPE’ for tomorrow.

Joy to the Smile

Joy to the Smile


Why would I even think of putting it down as a resolution? I am sure some readers are thinking I am losing the plot now. Surely, I am not. Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? This is a type of depression that comes and goes in seasonal patterns. SAD is commonly known as winter depression that affects some people badly.


If you are like me and hate the winter season despite the fact that I have been in England for 19 years now, what can you do? This is an example where I need to find the joys despite exposure to the cold long winter season. It could be considering the type of food to eat, appropriate clothing to wear or simple right form of exercise to adopt.


I go for walks by the beach at least three times a week. During summertime, I stroll and enjoy the warm sunny day. During winter, I sprint-walk. I quickly gain heat as I vigorously walk. This is not only good heat-generator but also great for my heart, lungs and the rest of my body. Try it next time, it works wonders.



Loads of things can rob off well-deserved ‘PEACE’ for example worry, frustration and irritation, just to name a few. I have to admit I am a huge optimist 100%. Some people end up calling me a dreamer. And again, what is wrong with dreaming if I set myself to achieve the dreams? I get very frustrated when ruled a dreamer because of my optimism. So this year, I am hopefully aiming to find peace within, regardless of people having different life perspectives to mine. I look forward to achieving this by just agreeing to disagree with people who beg to differ with my resolutions or life goals. Twisted… J



Patience is having the capacity to patiently putting up with people or things that continually irritate us. For me, it could be something like people doing something slowly when I know that it can be done and completed quicker. Other people’s weaknesses sometimes affect me badly hence praying that I slow down a little bit this year and beyond.


I tremendously suffer from patience-deficiency. I am sure I am not the only one who suffers from this and hopefully talking and writing about it is a sign that I am prepared to do something about. The problem is half the time I only realise it when I would have reacted. I end up upset and so would be the receiving person. So, in 2019, I am praying for buckets and buckets of ‘Patience’. A bit to ask, but at least it cost nothing. I need to increase endurance when associated with people who do things differently from me.


I live near the countryside. Sometimes I just go out to watch sheep grazing from the fields Sheep rush nothing and are very peaceful animals with no stress. Put hundreds of them in one field, they never fight for food or personal space. Maybe I should spend more time with the sheep to learn one or two tricks from them.



I love random acts of kindness in any form or shape. Kindness is benevolently or acting charitably towards other people in need. This act can be measured as it is usually a response to addressed needs.

The Fruits of the Spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit


What I love about kindness is that it is not mandatory but a voluntary act that deserves no payment. People volunteer according to their capabilities. It could be volunteering with their time, their skills, or financial capabilities. Some people never do anything for free as they find it extremely useless.


More than 24 million people in the UK volunteer every year, giving their time and energy helping others. Volunteering has 5 known medical advantages:

i) Reduces stress levels, boost the immune system and help combat diseases.

ii) Beats depression as most people state that volunteering gives them sense of purpose and meaning to their lives.

iii) Lowers high blood pressure conditions that usually contribute towards heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular-related diseases.

iv) Supports brain function and,

v) Increases fitness and stamina if involved in vigorous tasking jobs.


The recent case scenario was the story about the McDonalds Worker  who received a free car.



Goodness is an act of doing what is right and proper regardless of challenges. I find this easily achievable when also associated with good people… ‘Good vibes, attract good lives. If you love doing good, goodness will love you back. This is realistic and very relevant to my resolutions. By the way, do not mistake goodness with ‘People Pleasing’.



I think the main thing that affects the 75% of people who fail to live by their resolution is lack of faith. It is said faith is an act of believing in what you do not see and the reward of that faith is seeing what you believe. Some people call it leap of faith. I do not want to be discouraged in whatever goals I set up this year. I am trusting in positive outcomes and I am sure you can do the same with whatever you have set yourself up to do.



I know some people can be a pain sometimes but tender response saves all. It is not easy to remain humbled and considerate of others especially where anger is the appropriate response. But it is possible. Usually, it is nice to have the first and last say but at times it does not solve situations.



For spontaneous people like me, this is hard but it is doable. Self-control is the equivalent of self-discipline from any passions that one should not indulge in extremes, for example, alcohol consumption or chocolate binging. Big mistake people do though is complete abstinence instead of moderations. A concept of moderate intakes usually produces successful results compared to complete cut. Self-control is not doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a change.

Change is Power

Change is Power



Forgiveness is not part of the Fruits of the Spirit. I included it on the list because most of the times people fail to achieve their goals or move forward because they have not forgiven. Forgiveness is more like offloading the burdens destroying the inside and energising with positive vibes to move forward. Forgiveness is ‘Love’ and love is the strongest weapon to success.


I was passionate to use the word ‘FRUITS’ because people sow fruits, admire them growing, which pretty much requires good care and cultivation. This is the same with people’s lives and resolutions. It takes similar steps only that with human beings, most of the times the controlling power is in our hands. Power to choose to make the right choices and decide which stand as resolutions.


Like I said from the beginning, this year my New Year resolutions absolutely cost nothing. However, they are going to need so much effort to be achieved. My simple advice to anyone reading right now is set yourself SMART resolutions. The less expensive they are, the better.


Don’t forget to leave your comments below and share one or two things if any that you have learnt from my ideas above. Do have a stress-free Happy 2019. xx

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