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Welcome to Love Life, a Lifestyle blog turning into a ‘Travel Blog’. I aim to mainly raise awareness on the beauty of the English Heritage as I travel around the UK. To spice it up, I also look forward to visiting as many capital cities around the world as I can. Love Life is an interactive blog. Everyone is welcome to get in touch via my social media links or by posting your valued comments. Love Life is all about loving what we have in life regardless of our circumstances. I visit different places, collecting various images as I continue to build this site, to show you how you can appreciate, achieve, and enjoy your everyday life. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Based in Bournemouth

Welcome to Love Life, a Bournemouth-born blog. I feel privileged to call it home and will proudly share my favourite places, visiting various people, exploring here and there.

I hope you enjoy the discoveries as I journey in and around bournemouth in pursuit to build this site. Feel free to use the contact form below and share your constructive comments as I continue to develop ‘love life’ touring the beautiful county of Dorset.

Thank you for dropping by xx

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I blog about Beauty, Deco, Fashion, Travel amongst other topics!

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