Frieda’s Teabus – A Sophisticated Way To Explore The Coastline

Esther Tendai Burt

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Frieda’s Teabus – A Sophisticated Way To Explore The Coastline

Frieda’s Teabus is a sophisticated way to explore Bournemouth’s coastline. The family-owned Teabus presents a one-of-a-kind vintage shabby-chic and vibrant interior designs. This presents a pleasantly welcoming effect the minute one steps onboard as guests are warmly welcome.


Frieda’s Teabus made exploring Bournemouth’s coastlines extraordinarily exciting. Not only did it present a sophisticated way to travel but also presented an afternoon trip where all passengers were treated to a luxurious afternoon tea.



Frieda’s Teabus departed from Bournemouth Pier just behind the Hot Rocks Restaurant. Departure time was 2 pm I understand every Saturday and Sunday unless advised otherwise. On board, there was nice food already set on the table. We were set down accordingly, as we waited to drive along the Bournemouth seafront where we enjoyed breath-taking views. From Bournemouth, the Teabus went to Boscombe where we had our first stop for further sightseeing from Boscombe Pier.

Stretching legs


After stretching our legs, the journey continued to Southbourne’s Hengistbury Head where there was another short break. Again, passengers were presented with an opportunity to stretch their legs, furthermore enjoy sightseeing and even relieve themselves from loads of cups of teas enjoyed during the bus ride.



Food served

There was a lot of food offered from fresh homemade sandwiches with different fillings. There were plenty of homemade cakes to chose from. Scones with Cornish clotted cream could not be missed. Throughout the whole journey, orange juice and a variety of hot drinks were also served including the Dorset tea. This was a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon tea in a moving bus.



Helpful Staff

What made Frieda’s Teabus extra special was the friendly and competent staff who ensured that all guests were properly looked after, regularly checking if we were okay with everything. I found this very considerate, welcoming and accommodating. This was really a professional way to look after their guests as it made people feel at home in a relaxed and exciting environment.



Frieda’s Teabus can also be privately hired for various parties such as hen parties, baby showers, birthday parties and all sorts of parties on agreement by both parties. Do contact  Frieda’s Management Team for further discussions. Frieda’s Teabus is an absolutely fabulous way to host an event.



With over 40 years experience in producing delicious food, Frieda’s Teabus is also open to corporate catering. This makes Frieda a leading provider of corporate catering in Dorset. They are always eager to provide tailored services to meet guests’ needs. If you would like to make any bookings, feel free to contact Frieda’s Team directly for more details.



Eating while the bus is moving…

The fact that the bus will be actually moving for an hour and a half it’s just mind-blowing considering guests will be eating and drinking at the same time. Sitting at the top deck of the bus made sightseeing extra fantastic. It was a bright warm day and the views were beautiful from the oceans’ reflections. It made me want to keep seeing more and more of the views. It’s never the same exploring from the top deck. Views are ten times better than when driving a car or later on walking.


If you have never used Frieda’s Teabus before, I recommend you go on and take that bus ride around. Explore Bournemouth’s coastline with a difference. You will never be disappointed. They also offer gift vouchers just in case you need to spoil someone with a luxurious trip along Bournemouth’s coastline.


It was also brought to my attention that in addition to Frieda’s Teabus, there is also Frieda’s Tearooms, one in Winchester and another one in Bournemouth. I can’t wait to visit the Bournemouth cafe very soon.

Bournemouth cafe address details


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